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How To Increase Your Laptop's Battery Life

As technology continues to evolve so does our need for portability, and the laptop has become just as important as own smartphone and only the thought of buying a new laptop might cause some discomfort.

In this article we are going to talk about some ways you can increase the life of your battery, which is also one of the most important components of your laptop.

Clean important areas - it is recommended that you clean the vents of your laptop. However, once a year it is recommended that you clean your laptop in a professional computer repair service.

Be Gentle - Precisely, do not force the USB ports of your laptop. Use a special laptop bag. Laptop bags can be extremely useful to protect your laptop from accidents.

The life of your laptop is closely connected to the life of your battery. In general, laptop manufacturers choose Li-Ion batteries, so it's a good idea to know how to protect this type of battery.

Limited number of charging / discharging cycles

Li-Ion batteries ensure between 300 and 500 complete charging / discharging cycles, while the autonomy of your battery drops constantly. To prolong your laptop's battery life until it reaches the end of it's cycle, we must avoid to completely charge and then discharge a battery. This is considered a charge / discharge cycle and it shortens the life of your battery.

Check the Manufacture Date

The date when your battery was manufactured can be found on the battery and it's a good idea to do that because Li-Ion batteries are perishable and the internal components of your battery tend to become victims of oxidation.

The speed with which a Li-Ion battery "ages" is also influenced by the temperature where it is stored or the temperature of the room where you are using your laptop. The maximum recommended temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, However, low temperatures prove to be useful. Even so, try not to use your laptop when it is very cold outside because Li-Ion batteries can be affected by extreme temperatures. Using a cooler is another useful solution that can help you protect your battery and increase the life of your laptop.

Besides protecting the battery, we should also take into consideration the fact that the life of a laptop ends when it is no longer capable of doing the tasks you want. For example, a laptop that you purchased for basic use - browsing the internet, writing - will become useless if you want to run complex applications, games or movies that require a better graphic solution.

So, for optimum results it is recommended that we choose a superior configuration than we think we might need right now. The laptops market continues to evolve and new laptops are released almost every day so it's important to stop and think a bit before making a purchase.

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