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Tips to save battery life of a laptop

1. Disable Wireless Connectivity (WiFi).

This is the best way, yet the most simple you can do to preserve the Laptop Battery life, simply disable the WiFi when you don't need it. In many laptops, you will have a shortcut key on the top of the keyboard to switch WiFi off while in others, you will need to use the function key (Fn), it depends on the laptop's brand you are using.

Other than keyboard keys, you can also use the settings of your system, which is easily found via control panel on Windows computers, and System Preference on Mac Computers. By doing this first simple step, you will definitely have a longer laptop battery life, which also means, you will have a good chance to use your laptop a little longer than usual.

2. Lower Screen Brightness.

The second of well known methods to save your battery, is turn down your screen brightness. Like the first technique above, many have keys on the top with two small sunshine pictures of the keys, which you can use to turn down and turn up the screen brightness.

It also depends on where you use your laptop, but when you are using it in an environment where it has enough light, turning down the brightness setting should not reduce your screen usability.

Another technique that can be combined with turning down the screen brightness settings is choosing the best angle for your screen by changing the laptop position, so you can have the best view while having minimum usable brightness.

3. Exit programs that you don't use.

Based on our own experience, it happens a lot that we use a laptop while we also have a lot programs are running in the background automatically without us starting it. Something like this can happen, mostly, because we forgot to completely exit from some programs we previously run.

There are many ways you can avoid it to happen, one simple way is disable some unncessary programs from your system start up. Here are the steps how we can disable them from our system start up.

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