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COMPAQ 325112-001, PPP012L-S, PPP012S-S AC Adapter for 500, 510, 530 Laptop

COMPAQ 325112-001, PPP012L-S, PPP012S-S Battery for 500, 510, 530 Laptop AC Adapter

COMPAQ 500, 510, 530 Laptop AC Adapter

Buy COMPAQ 325112-001, PPP012L-S, PPP012S-S Laptop AC Adapter now! High quality adapter designed to work with COMPAQ 500, 510, 530 Laptop models and more. Factory price, fast shipping, brand new, 1 year warranty, 30-day money back. Secure Shopping Guarantee.
Product Specification
Product Code:ANB002C1U
Input Frequency:50 ~ 60Hz
Output Current:4.74A
Operating Environment:
In Use:
0°C ~ +40°C
Storage:-40° C ~ +85° C
Relative Humidity:5% ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
Safety Approvals:UL, CUL, TUV, CE, CCC, GOST-R, B Mark, NOM, NEMKO, PSB, S-Mark, S+ Mark, GS, RCM, BSMI, EK Mark
Inside size:1.70mm
Outside size:4.50mm
Weight:590 g
Brand:Replacement COMPAQ Laptop AC Adapter
Original Price:US $ 32.37
Price:US $24.90
  • Description

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.



The cross reference list below is for reference only. To avoid mismatch, please make sure that the size of your original adapter tip is similar to the connector tip listed therein.

This Laptop AC Adapter can replace the following part numbers:
This Laptop AC Adapter is also compatible with the following models:
Armada 110
Armada 110S Series
Armada 600
Armada E500
Armada E500s
Armada E700
Armada M300
Armada M700
Armada V300
Evo 800c
Evo N1000 Series
Evo N1000C
Evo N1000V
Evo N1005v
Evo N1015V
Evo N1020v Series
Evo N1050v
Evo N110
Evo N150
Evo N200
Evo N400c
Evo N410c
Evo N600c
Evo N610c
Evo N610v Series
Evo N620c
Evo N800
Evo N800C
Evo N800V
Evo N800W
Preasrio B2805TX
Presario 1500
Presario 1500AP
Presario 1500AU
Presario 1500SC
Presario 1500T
Presario 1500US
Presario 1501AP
Presario 1501CL
Presario 1502
Presario 1502LA
Presario 1502SC
Presario 1503
Presario 1503AP
Presario 1504
Presario 1504AP
Presario 1504TC
Presario 1505
Presario 1505AP
Presario 1505EA
Presario 1505TC
Presario 1505US
Presario 1506
Presario 1506AP
Presario 1506TC
Presario 1507
Presario 1507AP
Presario 1507EA
Presario 1507TC
Presario 1508
Presario 1508AP
Presario 1508EA
Presario 1508TC
Presario 1509
Presario 1509AP
Presario 1509AU
Presario 1510
Presario 1510AP
Presario 1510AU
Presario 1510CA
Presario 1510EA
Presario 1510TC
Presario 1510US
Presario 1511
Presario 1511AP
Presario 1511TC
Presario 1512
Presario 1512AP
Presario 1512TC
Presario 1513
Presario 1513AP
Presario 1514
Presario 1514AP
Presario 1515
Presario 1515AP
Presario 1515EA
Presario 1516
Presario 1516US
Presario 1520
Presario 1520AP
Presario 1520CA
Presario 1520LA
Presario 1520US
Presario 1522
Presario 1522AP
Presario 1522EA
Presario 1522LA
Presario 1523
Presario 1523EA
Presario 1525
Presario 1525AP
Presario 1525CA
Presario 1525EA
Presario 1525US
Presario 1527
Presario 1527EA
Presario 1528
Presario 1528AP
Presario 1528CL
Presario 1530
Presario 1530SC
Presario 1531
Presario 1531AP
Presario 1532
Presario 1532AP
Presario 1535
Presario 1535AP
Presario 1536
Presario 1536AP
Presario 1538
Presario 1538AP
Presario 1540
Presario 1540AP
Presario 1545
Presario 1545AP
Presario 1550
Presario 1555
Presario 1555AP
Presario 1565
Presario 1565AP
Presario 1568
Presario 1568AP
Presario 1570
Presario 1570AP
Presario 1572
Presario 1572AP
Presario 1575AP
Presario 1580
Presario 1580AP
Presario 1700
Presario 1700AI
Presario 1700AP
Presario 1700AU
Presario 1700KR
Presario 1701AI
Presario 1701AP
Presario 1702AP
Presario 1702KR
Presario 1711AP
Presario 1712AP
Presario 1713AP
Presario 1714AP
Presario 1715AP
Presario 1721AP
Presario 1721LA
Presario 1721TC
Presario 1722AP
Presario 1722CA
Presario 1722EA
Presario 1722TC
Presario 1722US
Presario 1723SC
Presario 1723TC
Presario 1724SC
Presario 1724TC
Presario 1725A
Presario 1725EA
Presario 1725SC
Presario 1725TC
Presario 2200 Series
Presario 2200LA
Presario 2201
Presario 2201AS
Presario 2201US
Presario 2201XX
Presario 2202
Presario 2202AL
Presario 2202AS
Presario 2202XX
Presario 2203AL
Presario 2203AP
Presario 2203AS
Presario 2203US
Presario 2204AL
Presario 2204AP
Presario 2204AS
Presario 2204US
Presario 2205AL
Presario 2205AP
Presario 2205AS
Presario 2205LA
Presario 2206AL
Presario 2206AP
Presario 2206AS
Presario 2207AL
Presario 2207AP
Presario 2207AS
Presario 2208AP
Presario 2208AS
Presario 2209AP
Presario 2209CL
Presario 2210AP
Presario 2210CA
Presario 2210US
Presario 2211AP
Presario 2212AP
Presario 2213AP
Presario 2214AP
Presario 2215AP
Presario 2216AP
Presario 2217AP
Presario 2218AP
Presario 2218RS
Presario 2219AP
Presario 2220AP
Presario 2221AP
Presario 2222AP
Presario 2223AP
Presario 2223US
Presario 2224AP
Presario 2225AP
Presario 2226AP
Presario 2226CL
Presario 2227AP
Presario 2227US
Presario 2228AP
Presario 2229AP
Presario 2230AP
Presario 2231AP
Presario 2231US
Presario 2232AP
Presario 2232US
Presario 2233AP
Presario 2234AP
Presario 2235AP
Presario 2236AP
Presario 2236CL
Presario 2237AP
Presario 2238AP
Presario 2239AP
Presario 2240AP
Presario 2241AP
Presario 2242AP
Presario 2243AP
Presario 2244AP
Presario 2245AP
Presario 2246AP
Presario 2248AP
Presario 2249AP
Presario 2250AP
Presario 2251AP
Presario 2252AP
Presario 2253AP
Presario 2254AP
Presario 2255AP
Presario 2256AP
Presario 2258AP
Presario 2259AP
Presario 2260AP
Presario 2261AP
Presario 2262AP
Presario 2263AP
Presario 2264AP
Presario 2265AP
Presario 2266AP
Presario 2267AP
Presario 2268AP
Presario 2269AP
Presario 2269AS
Presario 2270AP
Presario 2270AS
Presario 2271AS
Presario 2272AS
Presario 2273AS
Presario 2800
Presario 2800AP
Presario 2800CA
Presario 2800NP
Presario 2800T
Presario 2800TC
Presario 2800US
Presario 2801CL
Presario 2801EA
Presario 2801TC
Presario 2802AP
Presario 2802EA
Presario 2802SP
Presario 2802TC
Presario 2804EA
Presario 2804SC
Presario 2805AP
Presario 2805US
Presario 2806AP
Presario 2806CL
Presario 2806EA
Presario 2807AP
Presario 2807EA
Presario 2808AP
Presario 2808EA
Presario 2809AP
Presario 2809FR
Presario 2810AP
Presario 2810AU
Presario 2810CA
Presario 2811AP
Presario 2811AP1
Presario 2811CA
Presario 2811CL
Presario 2811EA
Presario 2812AP
Presario 2812EA
Presario 2813AU
Presario 2813TC
Presario 2814AP
Presario 2814AU
Presario 2815AP
Presario 2815LA
Presario 2815SP
Presario 2816AP
Presario 2816EA
Presario 2817AR
Presario 2818AP
Presario 2820AP
Presario 2820AU
Presario 2820CL
Presario 2820EA
Presario 2820SC
Presario 2821AP
Presario 2821AU
Presario 2821SC
Presario 2821TC
Presario 2822AP
Presario 2822TC
Presario 2823AP
Presario 2823AU
Presario 2823TC
Presario 2824AP
Presario 2824TC
Presario 2825AP
Presario 2825EA
Presario 2825TC
Presario 2826AP
Presario 2826EA
Presario 2826TC
Presario 2827AP
Presario 2827TC
Presario 2828AP
Presario 2828TC
Presario 2829AP
Presario 2830EA
Presario 2832AP
Presario 2834TC
Presario 2835AP
Presario 2835EA
Presario 2837AP
Presario 2837EA
Presario 2837TC
Presario 2839AP
Presario 2840TC
Presario 2844AP
Presario 2846AP
Presario 2853AP
Presario 2863AP
Presario 2864AP
Presario 2865AP
Presario 2866AP
Presario 2867AP
Presario 2868AP
Presario 2869AP
Presario 2870AP
Presario 2871AP
Presario 2872AP
Presario 2873AP
Presario 2878CL
Presario 2879CL
Presario 2880CL
Presario 2884AP
Presario 2885AP
Presario 800T 80XL4_CTO
Presario 80XL4S
Presario 811AP1
Presario 900 Series
Presario 900LA
Presario 900US
Presario 901
Presario 901EA
Presario 902
Presario 902EA
Presario 903
Presario 903EA
Presario 904
Presario 904EA
Presario 904RSH
Presario 905
Presario 905EA
Presario 905LA
Presario 905US
Presario 906
Presario 906US
Presario 907
Presario 907EA
Presario 908
Presario 908EA
Presario 909
Presario 909EA
Presario 910
Presario 910AP
Presario 910EA
Presario 910US
Presario 911
Presario 911DE
Presario 912
Presario 912EA
Presario 912RSH
Presario 914
Presario 914EA
Presario 915
Presario 915CA
Presario 915US
Presario 916
Presario 916US
Presario 917
Presario 917DE
Presario 917EA
Presario 918
Presario 918RSH
Presario 919
Presario 919EA
Presario 920
Presario 920AP
Presario 920CA
Presario 920EA
Presario 920LA
Presario 920US
Presario 921AP
Presario 922
Presario 922UK
Presario 923
Presario 923AP
Presario 925
Presario 925AP
Presario 925EA
Presario 927AP
Presario 930
Presario 930AP
Presario 935
Presario 935AP
Presario 940
Presario 940AP
Presario 943
Presario 943AP
Presario 945
Presario 945AP
Presario 950
Presario 950AP
Presario 955
Presario 955AP
Presario A900
Presario B1801
Presario B1801TU
Presario B1802
Presario B1802TU
Presario B1803
Presario B1803TU
Presario B1804
Presario B1804TU
Presario B1805
Presario B1805TU
Presario B1806
Presario B1806TU
Presario B1807
Presario B1807TU
Presario B1808
Presario B1808TU
Presario B1809
Presario B1809TU
Presario B1810
Presario B1810TU
Presario B1811
Presario B1811TU
Presario B1812
Presario B1812TU
Presario B1813
Presario B1813TU
Presario B1814
Presario B1814TU
Presario B1815
Presario B1815TU
Presario B1816
Presario B1816TU
Presario B1817
Presario B1817TU
Presario B1818
Presario B1818TU
Presario B1819
Presario B1819TU
Presario B1820
Presario B1820TU
Presario B2000
Presario B2005AL
Presario B2012AP
Presario B2015AP
Presario B2018AL
Presario B2019AP
Presario B2020AP
Presario B2022AL
Presario B2023AL
Presario B2026AL
Presario B2027AL
Presario B2028AL
Presario B2032AP
Presario B2033AL
Presario B2034AL
Presario B2036AP
Presario B2040AL
Presario B2800 Series
Presario B2801
Presario B2801TX
Presario B2802
Presario B2802TX
Presario B2803
Presario B2803TX
Presario B2804
Presario B2804TX
Presario B2805TX
Presario B2806
Presario B2806TX
Presario B2807
Presario B2807TX
Presario B2808
Presario B2808TX
Presario B2809
Presario B2809TX
Presario B2810
Presario B2810TX
Presario B2811
Presario B2811TX
Presario B2812
Presario B2812TX
Presario B2813
Presario B2813TX
Presario B2814
Presario B2814TX
Presario B2815
Presario B2815TX
Presario B2816
Presario B2816TX
Presario B2817
Presario B2817TX
Presario B2818
Presario B2818TX
Presario B2819
Presario B2819TX
Presario B2820
Presario B2820TX
Presario B2821
Presario B2821TX
Presario B2822
Presario B2822TX
Presario B2823
Presario B2823TX
Presario B2824
Presario B2824TX
Presario C300
Presario C500
Presario C700
Presario F500
Presario F700
Presario M2000
Presario M2001
Presario M2001AL
Presario M2001AP
Presario M2001EA
Presario M2001XX
Presario M2002AL
Presario M2002AP
Presario M2003AL
Presario M2003AP
Presario M2004AP
Presario M2005AP
Presario M2005US
Presario M2006AP
Presario M2007AP
Presario M2008AP
Presario M2009AP
Presario M2010AP
Presario M2010CA
Presario M2010EA
Presario M2010US
Presario M2011AP
Presario M2011EA
Presario M2012AP
Presario M2013AP
Presario M2014AP
Presario M2015AP
Presario M2015LA
Presario M2016AP
Presario M2017AP
Presario M2018AP
Presario M2019AP
Presario M2019EA
Presario M2020AP
Presario M2020EA
Presario M2021AP
Presario M2022AP
Presario M2023AP
Presario M2024AP
Presario M2025AP
Presario M2026AP
Presario M2027AP
Presario M2028AP
Presario M2029AP
Presario M2030AP
Presario M2030EA
Presario M2031AP
Presario M2031EA
Presario M2032AP
Presario M2033AP
Presario M2034AP
Presario M2034EA
Presario M2035AP
Presario M2035EA
Presario M2036AP
Presario M2037AP
Presario M2038AP
Presario M2039AP
Presario M2040AP
Presario M2041AP
Presario M2042AP
Presario M2043AP
Presario M2044AP
Presario M2045AP
Presario M2046AP
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Presario M2047AP
Presario M2048AP
Presario M2049AP
Presario M2050AP
Presario M2050EA
Presario M2051AP
Presario M2052AP
Presario M2052EA
Presario M2053AP
Presario M2054AP
Presario M2054EA
Presario M2055AP
Presario M2055EA
Presario M2065EA
Presario M2070EA
Presario M2070US
Presario M2071EA
Presario M2075EA
Presario M2099
Presario M2099XX
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Presario M2105EA
Presario M2108EA
Presario M2108US
Presario M2113EA
Presario M2125EA
Presario M2130EA
Presario M2131EA
Presario M2150EA
Presario M2175EA
Presario M2200
Presario M2201AP
Presario M2201TU
Presario M2202AP
Presario M2202TU
Presario M2203AP
Presario M2204AP
Presario M2205AP
Presario M2206AP
Presario M2207AP
Presario M2208AP
Presario M2209AP
Presario M2210AP
Presario M2211AP
Presario M2212AP
Presario M2213AP
Presario M2214AP
Presario M2215AP
Presario M2216AP
Presario M2217AP
Presario M2218AP
Presario M2219AP
Presario M2220AP
Presario M2221AP
Presario M2222AP
Presario M2223AP
Presario M2224AP
Presario M2225AP
Presario M2226AP
Presario M2227AP
Presario M2228AP
Presario M2229AP
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Presario M2236AP
Presario M2237AP
Presario M2238AP
Presario M2239AP
Presario M2240AP
Presario M2241AP
Presario M2242AP
Presario M2243AP
Presario M2244AP
Presario M2245AP
Presario M2401XT
Presario V2000
Presario V2001
Presario V2001AP
Presario V2001XX
Presario V2002AP
Presario V2003AP
Presario V2004AP
Presario V2005AP
Presario V2006AP
Presario V2007AP
Presario V2008AP
Presario V2009
Presario V2009AP
Presario V2009EA
Presario V2009LA
Presario V2009XX
Presario V2010AP
Presario V2010EA
Presario V2010LA
Presario V2010US
Presario V2011AP
Presario V2012AP
Presario V2013AP
Presario V2014AP
Presario V2015AP
Presario V2017AP
Presario V2018AP
Presario V2019AP
Presario V2020AP
Presario V2021AP
Presario V2022AP
Presario V2024AP
Presario V2025AP
Presario V2026AP
Presario V2027AP
Presario V2028AP
Presario V2029AP
Presario V2030AP
Presario V2030US
Presario V2031AP
Presario V2032AP
Presario V2033AP
Presario V2034AP
Presario V2035AP
Presario V2035EA
Presario V2036AP
Presario V2037AP
Presario V2038AP
Presario V2039AP
Presario V2040AP
Presario V2040EA
Presario V2041AP
Presario V2042AP
Presario V2043AP
Presario V2044AP
Presario V2045AP
Presario V2046AP
Presario V2047AP
Presario V2069CL
Presario V2100
Presario V2110CA
Presario V2110US
Presario V2133AP
Presario V2135US
Presario V2140CA
Presario V2140US
Presario V2146CL
Presario V2200CA
Presario V2205US
Presario V2220US
Presario V2300T
Presario V2304US
Presario V2306US
Presario V2309US
Presario V2311AP
Presario V2335US
Presario V2399
Presario V2399XX
Presario V2400T
Presario V2403NR
Presario V2415LA
Presario V3000
Presario V3113AU
Presario V3642TU
Presario V4000
Presario V4100
Presario V4200
Presario V4300
Presario V4400
Presario V5000 Series
Presario V5100
Presario V6500
Presario V6600 Presario F572US
Presario X1000
Presario x1001
Presario X1001US
Presario X1002US
Presario X1005EA
Presario X1005LA
Presario X1006EA
Presario X1007EA
Presario x1010AL
Presario X1010CA
Presario X1010EA
Presario X1010US
Presario x1011
Presario x1011AL
Presario x1012
Presario x1012AL
Presario X1012EA
Presario X1012QV
Presario X1015US
Presario X1016EA
Presario x1018
Presario X1018CL
Presario x1020
Presario X1020EA
Presario X1020US
Presario x1021AP
Presario X1022AP
Presario X1023AP
Presario x1026AP
Presario x1027AP
Presario x1028AP
Presario X1028CL
Presario x1029AP
Presario x1030AP
Presario X1030US
Presario X1031AP
Presario X1032AP
Presario X1033AP
Presario X1034AP
Presario X1035AP
Presario X1036AP
Presario X1037AP
Presario x1038AP
Presario X1040AP
Presario X1040US
Presario X1041AP
Presario x1042AP
Presario X1043AP
Presario X1044AP
Presario X1045AP
Presario x1046AP
Presario X1047AP
Presario x1048AP
Presario x1049AP
Presario x1050AP
Presario X1050CA
Presario X1050US
Presario X1051AP
Presario X1052AP
Presario X1053AP
Presario X1054AP
Presario X1055AP
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Presario x1057AP
Presario X1058AP
Presario X1058CL
Presario x1060AP
Presario x1061AP
Presario X1062AP
Presario X1063AP
Presario x1064AP
Presario x1065AP
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Presario x1067AP
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Presario x1069AP
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Presario x1072AP
Presario x1073AP
Presario x1074AP
Presario x1075AP
Presario x1076AP
Presario x1077AP
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Presario X1115EA
Presario x1140
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Presario X1155EA
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Presario X1201US
Presario X1202AP
Presario X1203AP
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Presario X1205AP
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Presario X1208AP
Presario X1209AP
Presario X1210
Presario X1210AP
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Presario X1220
Presario X1220AP
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Presario X1220US
Presario X1221
Presario X1221AP
Presario X1222
Presario X1222AP
Presario X1223
Presario X1223AP
Presario X1224
Presario X1224AP
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Presario X1228AP
Presario X1229
Presario X1229AP
Presario X1230
Presario X1230AP
Presario X1230US
Presario X1231
Presario X1231AP
Presario X1232
Presario X1232AP
Presario X1233
Presario X1233AP
Presario X1234
Presario X1234AP
Presario X1236
Presario X1236AP
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Presario X1237AP
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Presario X1238AP
Presario X1239
Presario X1239AP
Presario X1240
Presario X1240AP
Presario X1241
Presario X1241AP
Presario X1242AP
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Presario x1301
Presario X1301AP
Presario X1301US
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Presario X1302AP
Presario x1303
Presario X1303AP
Presario x1304
Presario X1304AP
Presario x1305
Presario X1305AP
Presario x1306
Presario X1306AP
Presario x1307
Presario X1307AP
Presario x1308
Presario X1308AP
Presario x1309
Presario X1309AP
Presario x1310
Presario X1310AP
Presario x1311
Presario X1311AP
Presario x1312
Presario X1312AP
Presario x1313
Presario X1313AP
Presario x1314
Presario X1314AP
Presario x1315
Presario X1315AP
Presario x1316
Presario X1316AP
Presario x1317
Presario X1317AP
Presario x1318
Presario X1318AP
Presario x1319
Presario X1319AP
Presario x1320
Presario X1320AP
Presario x1321
Presario X1321AP
Presario x1322
Presario X1322AP
Presario x1324
Presario X1324AP
Presario x1325
Presario X1325AP
Presario x1326
Presario X1326AP
Presario x1327
Presario X1327AP
Presario x1328
Presario X1328AP
Presario x1329
Presario X1329AP
Presario x1330
Presario X1330AP
Presario x1360
Presario X1360CL
Presario X1360US
Presario x1370
Presario X1370US
Presario x1390
Presario X1390US
Presario X1390XX
Presario x1400
Presario x1401
Presario X1401AP
Presario x1402
Presario X1402AP
Presario x1403
Presario X1403AP
Presario x1404
Presario X1404AP
Presario x1405
Presario X1405AP
Presario x1406
Presario X1406AP
Presario x1407
Presario X1407AP
Presario x1408
Presario X1408AP
Presario x1409
Presario X1409AP
Presario x1410
Presario X1410AP
Presario x1411
Presario X1411AP
Presario x1412
Presario X1412AP
Presario x1413
Presario X1413AP
Presario x1414
Presario X1414AP
Presario x1415
Presario X1415AP
Presario x1416
Presario X1416AP
Presario x1417
Presario X1417AP
Presario x1418
Presario X1418AP
Presario x1419
Presario X1419AP
Presario x1420
Presario X1420AP
Presario x1421
Presario X1421AP
Presario x1422
Presario X1422AP
Presario x1423
Presario X1423AP
Presario x1424
Presario X1424AP
Presario x1425
Presario X1425AP
Presario x1426
Presario X1426AP
Presario x1427
Presario X1427AP
Presario x1428
Presario X1428AP
Presario x1429
Presario X1429AP
Presario x1430
Presario X1430AP
Presario x1431
Presario X1431AP
Presario x1432
Presario X1432AP
Presario x1433
Presario X1433AP
Presario x1434
Presario X1434AP
Presario x1460
Presario X1460CA
Presario x1460US
Presario x1480
Presario X1480US
Presario X1480XX
Presario X6000 Series
Prosignia 160
Prosignia 170
Prosignia 190
If you need a part for your model that is not listed above, please email us via Our customer service professional may be able to find the product or information that you are looking for or help you refine your search.
Laptop Power Adapter Buying Guide

Want a new COMPAQ Laptop AC Adapter? Whether you're looking for a replacement adapter, a spare, or an extra one for home/office use, our article will guide you toward making your decision.:

  • Step 1: Check Your Current Adapter
    On our site, there are two ways for you to find the adapter that will power your specific laptop model. First, you can find laptop adapters by using our enhanced search tool to input the make, series, and model of your laptop. After you have inputted the information about your laptop a list of compatible Laptop AC Adapters will appear. From there you can select the adapter you're looking to purchase.
    Second, you can input the part number in our search box. The part number is often located on the adapter on the underside of the power adapter box. Examples of part numbers are: 325112-001 or 9T215. After you input your part number, a list of products that will work with your laptop will appear.
  • Step 2: Volts
    When looking at the specifications of an laptop charger you will see that some are made specifically for your laptop model and others are universal. Either type will work. Every universal adapter comes with multiple tips to fit different laptops. They also have a switch for you to adjust the volts.
    Whether you choose a universal or non-universal COMPAQ Laptop AC Adapters you want to check the volts. Each laptop is unique and requires a different amount of energy. The amount of volts your unit requires is printed on the bottom of your laptop. You may also check your owner's manual for this information. Using an adapter with less volts than is required for your laptop will not work. There simply will not be enough power to run it.
  • Step 3: For Travelers
    Planning on leaving the country? The power outlets in European countries have different power ratings. Their outlets release more power than those in the U.S. Be sure to use Laptop AC Adapter that will prevent short circuits and ensure compatibility. Another option is to make sure your laptop adapter accepts 100-240 volts. You can find this information in the specifications section of each adapter.


The adapters supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

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