213282-001, 231445-001, 235596-001 Battery

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Replacement 213282-001, 231445-001, 235596-001 Lithium-ion Laptop Battery for COMPAQ Evo N400C


213282-001, 231445-001, 235596-001 Battery
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213282-001, 231445-001, 235596-001

Product ID: NCQ020
Part No: 213282-001
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh
Battery Volt: 14.8 V
Battery Weight: 354.38g
Battery Color: grey
Dimension: 231.60x47.35x20.60 mm
Condition: Brand New with 1-Year Warranty!
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  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for COMPAQ Evo N400C Series laptop computer.

  • This Compaq 213282-001 battery can replace the following part numbers:
  • This Compaq 213282-001 battery is also compatible with the following models:
    Evo N400
    Evo N400C Series
    Evo N410
    Evo N410C Series
    Evo N410C-280110-B22
    Evo N410C-305384-021
    Evo N410C-305385-021
    Evo N410C-314155-001
    Evo N410C-470037-534
    Evo N410C-470037-550
    Evo N410C-470037-557
    Evo N410C-470037-559
    Evo N410C-470037-564
    Evo N410C-470037-565
    Evo N410C-470037-574
    Evo N410C-470037-576
    Evo N410C-470037-582
    Evo N410C-470037-589
    Evo N410C-470037-590
    Evo N410C-470037-592
    Evo N410C-470037-593
    Evo N410C-470037-594
    Evo N410C-470037-596
    Evo N410C-470037-597
    Evo N410C-470037-599
    Evo N410C-470037-600
    Evo N410C-470037-624
    Evo N410C-470037-626
    Evo N410C-470037-628
    Evo N410C-470037-629
    Evo N410C-470037-631
    Evo N410C-470037-632
    Evo N410C-470037-634
    Evo N410C-470037-635
    Evo N410C-470037-637
    Evo N410C-470037-638
    Evo N410C-470037-640
    Evo N410C-470037-642
    Evo N410C-470037-643
    Evo N410C-470037-645
    Evo N410C-470037-647
    Evo N410C-470037-649
    Evo N410C-470037-651
    Evo N410C-470037-652
    Evo N410C-470037-654
    Evo N410C-470037-655
    Evo N410C-470037-657
    Evo N410C-470037-659
    Evo N410C-470037-660
    Evo N410C-470037-662
    Evo N410C-470037-663
    Evo N410C-470037-711
    Evo N410C-470037-716
    Evo N410C-470037-719
    Evo N410C-470037-721
    Evo N410C-470037-723
    Evo N410C-470037-725
    Evo N410C-470037-727
    Evo N410C-470037-728
    Evo N410C-470037-729
    Evo N410C-470037-730
    Evo N410C-470037-731
    Evo N410C-470037-732
    Evo N410C-470037-734
    Evo N410C-470037-735
    Evo N410C-470037-737
    Evo N410C-470037-739
    Evo N410C-470037-740
    Evo N410C-470037-742
    Evo N410C-470037-743
    Evo N410C-470037-744
    Evo N410C-470037-745
    Evo N410C-470037-748
    Evo N410C-470037-750
    Evo N410C-470037-751
    Evo N410C-470037-753
    Evo N410C-470037-756
    Evo N410C-470037-758
    Evo N410C-470037-759
    Evo N410C-470037-760
    Evo N410C-470037-761
    Evo N410C-470037-762
    Evo N410C-470039-344
    Evo N410C-470039-347
    Evo N410C-470039-348
    Evo N410C-470039-349
    Evo N410C-470039-350
    Evo N410C-470039-351
    Evo N410C-470039-352
    Evo N410C-470039-353
    Evo N410C-470039-354
    Evo N410C-470039-355
    Evo N410C-470039-356
    Evo N410C-470039-357
    Evo N410C-470039-358
    Evo N410C-470039-359
    Evo N410C-470039-360
    Evo N410C-470039-361
    Evo N410C-470039-362
    Evo N410C-470039-363
    Evo N410C-470039-364
    Evo N410C-470039-365
    Evo N410C-470039-366
    Evo N410C-470039-367
    Evo N410C-470039-368
    Evo N410C-470039-369
    Evo N410C-470039-370
    Evo N410C-470039-371
    Evo N410C-470039-372
    Evo N410C-470039-373
    Evo N410C-470039-374
    Evo N410C-470039-375
    Evo N410C-470039-376
    Evo N410C-470039-377
    Evo N410C-470039-378
    Evo N410C-470039-379
    Evo N410C-470039-380
    Evo N410C-470039-381
    Evo N410C-470039-382
    Evo N410C-470039-383
    Evo N410C-470039-384
    Evo N410C-470039-385
    Evo N410C-470039-387
    Evo N410C-470039-388
    Evo N410C-470039-389
    Evo N410C-470039-390
    Evo N410C-470039-391
    Evo N410C-470039-392
    Evo N410C-470039-393
    Evo N410C-470039-394
    Evo N410C-470039-395
    Evo N410C-470039-396
    Evo N410C-470039-397
    Evo N410C-470039-398
    Evo N410C-470039-399
    Evo N410C-470039-400
    Evo N410C-470039-401
    Evo N410C-470039-402
    Evo N410C-470039-403
    Evo N410C-470039-404
    Evo N410C-470039-405
    Evo N410C-470039-406
    Evo N410C-470039-407
    Evo N410C-470039-408
    Evo N410C-470039-409
    Evo N410C-470039-410
    Evo N410C-470039-411
    Evo N410C-470039-412
    Evo N410C-470039-469
    Evo N410C-470039-470
    Evo N410C-470039-471
    Evo N410C-470039-472
    Evo N410C-470039-473
    Evo N410C-470039-474
    Evo N410C-470039-475
    Evo N410C-470039-498
    Evo N410C-470039-499
    Evo N410C-470039-500
    Evo N410C-470039-501
    Evo N410C-470039-502
    Evo N410C-470039-503
    Evo N410C-470039-504
    Evo N410C-470039-505
    Evo N410C-470039-506
    Evo N410C-470039-507
    Evo N410C-470039-508
    Evo N410C-470039-509
    Evo N410C-470039-510
    Evo N410C-470039-512
    Evo N410C-470039-513
    Evo N410C-470039-514
    Evo N410C-470039-515
    Evo N410C-470039-517
    Evo N410C-470039-518
    Evo N410C-470039-519
    Evo N410C-470039-520
    Evo N410C-470039-521
    Evo N410C-470039-522
    Evo N410C-470039-524
    Evo N410C-470039-525
    Evo N410C-470039-526
    Evo N410C-470039-527
    Evo N410C-470039-528
    Evo N410C-470039-529
    Evo N410C-470039-530
    Evo N410C-470039-531
    Evo N410C-470039-532
    Evo N410C-470039-533
    Evo N410C-470039-534
    Evo N410C-470039-535
    Evo N410C-470039-536
    Evo N410C-470039-537
    Evo N410C-470039-577
    Evo N410C-470039-578
    Evo N410C-470039-579
    Evo N410C-470039-580
    Evo N410C-470039-581
    Evo N410C-470039-582
    Evo N410C-470039-584
    Evo N410C-470039-585
    Evo N410C-470039-586
    Evo N410C-470039-587
    Evo N410C-470039-588
    Evo N410C-470039-589
    Evo N410C-470039-591
    Evo N410C-470039-592
    Evo N410C-470039-593
    Evo N410C-470039-594
    Evo N410C-470039-595
    Evo N410C-470039-596
    Evo N410C-470039-599
    Evo N410C-470039-643
    Evo N410C-470039-652
    Evo N410C-470039-653
    Evo N410C-470039-654
    Evo N410C-470039-655
    Evo N410C-470039-656
    Evo N410C-470039-657
    Evo N410C-470039-658
    Evo N410C-470039-659
    Evo N410C-470039-660
    Evo N410C-470039-661
    Evo N410C-470039-662
    Evo N410C-470039-663
    Evo N410C-470039-673
    Evo N410C-470039-674
    Evo N410C-470039-675
    Evo N410C-470039-676
    Evo N410C-470039-677
    Evo N410C-470039-678
    Evo N410C-470039-679
    Evo N410C-470039-680
    Evo N410C-470039-681
    Evo N410C-470039-682
    Evo N410C-470039-683
    Evo N410C-470039-684
    Evo N410C-470039-687
    Evo N410C-470039-688
    Evo N410C-470039-689
    Evo N410C-470039-690
    Evo N410C-470039-691
    Evo N410C-470039-692
    Evo N410C-470039-697
    Evo N410C-470039-698
    Evo N410C-470039-997
    Evo N410C-470040-006
    Evo N410C-470040-020
    Evo N410C-470040-044
    Evo N410C-470040-057
    Evo N410C-470040-058
    Evo N410C-470040-114
    Evo N410C-470040-115
    Evo N410C-470040-116
    Evo N410C-470040-117
    Evo N410C-470040-118
    Evo N410C-470040-119
    Evo N410C-470040-120
    Evo N410C-470040-121
    Evo N410C-470040-122
    Evo N410C-470040-123
    Evo N410C-470040-124
    Evo N410C-470040-125
    Evo N410C-470040-126
    Evo N410C-470040-127
    Evo N410C-470040-128
    Evo N410C-470040-129
    Evo N410C-470040-130
    Evo N410C-470040-131
    Evo N410C-470040-132
    Evo N410C-470040-133
    Evo N410C-470040-134
    Evo N410C-470040-135
    Evo N410C-470040-136
    Evo N410C-470040-137
    Evo N410C-470040-138
    Evo N410C-470040-139
    Evo N410C-470040-140
    Evo N410C-470040-148
    Evo N410C-470040-149
    Evo N410C-470040-150
    Evo N410C-470040-151
    Evo N410C-470040-152
    Evo N410C-470040-153
    Evo N410C-470040-154
    Evo N410C-470040-155
    Evo N410C-470040-156
    Evo N410C-470040-157
    Evo N410C-470040-158
    Evo N410C-470040-159
    Evo N410C-470040-160
    Evo N410C-470040-161
    Evo N410C-470040-162
    Evo N410C-470040-163
    Evo N410C-470040-164
    Evo N410C-470040-165
    Evo N410C-470040-166
    Evo N410C-470040-167
    Evo N410C-470040-168
    Evo N410C-470040-169
    Evo N410C-470040-170
    Evo N410C-470040-171
    Evo N410C-470040-172
    Evo N410C-470040-174
    Evo N410C-470040-175
  • Manufactured By Hi-Capacity power products.
  • Batteries designation of the manufacturer.
  • We ship to U.S and Canada destinations only, fast shipping.
  • Highest quality Japanese battery cells are used in our Compaq 213282-001 battery.
  • Most Compaq 213282-001 Batteries are pre-charged before shipping.
  • Our Compaq 213282-001 Batteries with Free ACE Insurance.
  • Brand new, 30 Days Money Back, 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee, 1 year warranty!

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213282-001, 231445-001, 235596-001 Battery for COMPAQ Evo N400C Series